Honda Recalls 2016 Vehicles for Tail Light Issues

Torrance, Calif. — Sept. 30, 2016 — Some Honda vehicles could fail to comply with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards guideline 108 – “Lamps, Reflective Devices, and Assoc. Equipment.” The original acknowledgement, dated for Aug. 10, stated that some 2016 Honda Civic vehicles may potentially come with faulty lights.

The manufacturer reported the issue Jul. 8, and it could affect 11,846 2-door vehicles. In these autos, the source said, circuit board damage could affect the lights and make vehicles harder to see. All of the included vehicles were produced between Feb. 23 and May 20.

According to the Part 573 Safety Recall Report, the first vehicles with these issues were discovered May 24 as part of a vehicle quality check. The discovery led to the June 30 decision to conduct a recall, after circuit boards were possibly damaged in transit.

No specific signs for determining if the problem was present were listed. The remedy requires dealers to inspect Honda tail light assemblies. The report also said that there were no injuries related to this defect as of June 23.

The affected component comes from supplier Automotive Lighting LLC, based in Auburn Hills, Mich. Owner notification was scheduled Aug. 8, almost a full month after dealer notification on July 9. The report said that owners would be notified by mail if they were subject to this recall.

An instruction document from the manufacturer goes into greater detail about the procedures needed to repair the vehicles. Both the right and left taillight assemblies may be necessary for the remedy, depending on the specific case. The procedure will have dealers remove the trunk rear side trim panels to install either one or both taillights.

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