New Suspension-Related Recall is Third for Several Toyota Vehicles

Jacksonville, Fla. — September 28, 2016 — The Los Angeles Times recently wrote about a recall that affects thousands of Toyota RAV4 SUVs and Lexus HS250 hybrid sedans. According to the source, the issue affects vehicles of these two makes from the model years 2006 to 2011.

Rusty suspension arms in these automobiles could eventually detach from affected vehicles and leave occupants in danger. Before this most recent action, the same vehicles had been reportedly recalled twice for loose suspension issues. The source said dealers will address the problem by replacing the defective suspension-arm assemblies.

Other Toyota recalls have affected the 2011 RAV4 as well. A June recall included RAV4 units with model years ranging between 2006 and 2011 for a seat-heater electrical wiring problem. According to the source, compressing seat cushions in these vehicles could damage the wiring and increase the risk of fire.

This action included 13 other Toyota vehicles and the total affected model years included vehicles dating as far back as 1987 and as recent as 2012. The component manufacturer involved in the case, Marketing World Wide, Inc, is no longer in business, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Safety Recall Report.

The remedy for this wiring problem involved using a “copper strand heating element” to disconnect the heaters. The original owner notification date was planned for the 15-day period between July 14 and 29.

As of this writing, the NHTSA recall database only lists the current suspension recall for the Lexus HS250 hybrid, although it originally dates it back to 2012. Updated instructions show that only a certified Chassis Expert, Master and Master Diagnostic Technicians can perform the necessary repairs.

adminNew Suspension-Related Recall is Third for Several Toyota Vehicles