Lamborghini Recalls Rare Sports Cars Due to Fire Risk

Bologna, Italy – Feb. 20, 2017 – Lamborghini is recalling almost 1,500 vehicles due to improperly handled fuel vapors. The recall impacts Aventatdor sports cars produced between 2012 and 2017, according to documents from the National Highway Safety Transportation Administration. It also extends to various special-edition Aventatdor models, including the Anniversario and the extremely rare Veneno Coupe.

The Defect

When the fuel tank is overfilled and road conditions are particularly harsh, gasoline can spill over into the carbon canister. The fuel can then seep into the evaporative emission control system via engine purge valves. Here, the fuel can potentially damage essential EVAC components, allowing improperly treated vapors to circulate and ignite with exhaust gases. This can lead to an engine fire, which poses obvious safety risks for occupants.

Lamborghini and the NHTSA say this situation is more likely to develop with repeated idle revving. Additionally, vehicles with aftermarket exhaust systems are more susceptible than those with stock components.

Timeline of Events

The Italian automaker received several owner complaints in 2015 that detailed instances of irregular idle activity and sudden engine shutoff. Lamborghini technicians investigated the claim and discovered a link between these occurrences and carbon canister saturation. In January 2016, the company concluded that overfilled fuel tanks were the real culprit after further testing, including sessions with Aventatdor models modified with aftermarket parts.

The Resolution

Lamborghini has instructed dealers to upgrade EVAC systems in affected vehicles free of charge. This includes swapping out installed purge valves for high-performance models that prevent overfilling. Officials for the car company began notifying dealers Feb. 17 and are expected to reach out to owners starting Feb. 24.

The Aventatdor comes with an manufacturer’s suggested retail price between $400,000 and $500,000, according to Car and Driver.

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