More recalls come from General Motors

Detroit, MI — July 17, 2015 — Although this blog recently commented on a series of recalls from General Motors, more vehicles have been addressed in a new action from the same manufacturer. GM Authority reported on the issue which has spurred on this recall, which concerns the cables connecting the seatbelts inside them. Passengers and drivers alike may find themselves in danger due to wear and tear.

More than 47,000 vehicles may potentially be affected, and includes two different groups of make and models: Chevrolet Caprices from between 2011 and 2013 and Pontiac G8’s from between 2008 and 2009.

GM Authority notes that both of these models are based on the Zeta vehicle architecture. The seatbelt concern is especially important for police to observe, because Caprices are marketed largely to police departments.

The Authority piece details the fix that the company recommends for taking care of the cables, which could lead to injury for vehicle occupants if not addressed.

“GM will notify owners, and dealers will replace the seat belt tensioner assembly which includes the steel cable, free of charge,” the company said. “These replacement parts reposition the tensioner cable out of the path of entry into the vehicle and uses a more flexible cable, set at a more upright angle.”

This problem may not be immediately apparent, which makes it all the more important that recall statements are processed correctly and issued in a way that successfully promotes the proper actions. Dealers need to have the resources ready to apply fixes and tend to the vehicles that pose any kind of danger, regardless of how visible or obvious it is to the user.

Recall MastersMore recalls come from General Motors