Navistar recalls school buses over loss of control

Lisle, IL– January 14, 2023 – Navistar has issued a recall for 6,948 school buses over a problem that can cause “loss of handling.” This increases the risk of injury.

The recall covers the following school buses:

  • 2023 – 2024 IC CE 
  • 2023 IC EV 
  • 2023 IC RE

Recall summary

The axles are shafts that deliver power to the wheels and the whole system enables the car to move, as reported. In the recalled vehicles, the rear axle is not secured because of fasteners that were not tightened correctly.

This can result in the axle moving from side to side.

Recall risks

The defect reduces the vehicle’s handling, potentially leading to a higher risk of injuries to occupants. It could also become necessary for children on board to be transferred to another bus.    

Warning signs 

Users may notice a general “loose” feeling when driving the vehicle. A possible metallic clunking noise may also be observed. Visual inspection might show that the rear axle is not centered with the vehicle’s body. 

Other Navistar recalls

In June 2022, Navistar recalled 5,173 school buses over loose steering wheels that could detach, increasing the risk of an accident.

In September 2022, Navistar also issued a recall for 6,883 International trucks over an engine shutdown problem. This could cause the vehicles to stall while driving, bringing a higher potential for an accident.  

The repair

Dealers will tighten Navistar axle fasteners with new ones. Navistar will reimburse owners who availed of repairs prior to the recall announcement.

Owners of affected vehicles will be notified on or around February 6, 2023.  

Is your vehicle part of this recall?

More than 6,000 vehicles are affected by this Navistar school bus recall. To see if your vehicle is among them, or to check for more Navistar recalls, run a Navistar recall check using MotorSafety’s free vehicle lookup tool.

Joseph EstabilloNavistar recalls school buses over loss of control

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