Software Malfunction Leads to Lamborghini Recall

Laguna Hills, CA – Oct. 17, 2019 – Earlier this month, Lamborghini announced the recall of certain 2017-19 Aventador S Coupè and Aventador S Roadster vehicles. The reason for the action involves the engine management software used for both vehicles, which, due to a defect, may cause the engine to stall while coasting toward a stop.

While the recall involves a relatively small number of vehicles (approximately 441), it is nonetheless a vital one: According to the manufacturer, no warning is likely to precede the stall on the affected automobiles. Additionally, all of the vehicles included in the recall are expected to contain the defect, without exception.

The Defect

As a result of the flaw, the engine might unexpectedly turn off under very specific conditions. The safety recall report issued by Lamborghini describes those conditions exactly: “The affected vehicles might, under certain driving conditions (accelerator pedal released in the idle approach to a stop) present an engine stall event without warning,” the document explained. “The engine can switch off approaching a stop at idle, increasing the risk of an accident.”

Lamborghini’s documents also note that the defect occurs because the engine management software “doesn’t assure the idle minimum revs in order to maintain the engine running.” The remedy for the defect will involve dealers installing new engine management software that can maintain the proper level of minimum revs while the vehicle is idle.

Timeline of Events

First knowledge of the defect came by way of field reports describing cases of alleged engine stalls involving the related vehicles, which reached Lamborghini sometime during May 2019. Following additional complaints received shortly thereafter, an investigation was launched.

“Results from the investigation revealed a risk of vehicle stalling,” stated the manufacturer’s chronology report. “On Sept. 25, 2019, the matter was presented at the Product Safety Committee, [at which point the] decision to conduct a safety recall was made.”

The specific vehicles containing the defect have been identified using vehicle identification numbers. They were all manufactured between December 2016 and June 2019.

The Solution

Owners of the vehicles included in the field action should be notified via mail by the end of 2019. They will be instructed to arrange an appointment with an authorized Lamborghini dealer to have the updated engine software – which is free of the defect that necessitated this recall – installed on their automobiles.

Those with further questions can read Lamborghini’s “frequently asked questions” document for the recall or contact the manufacturer’s customer service line at (866) 681-6276. And for more information on other recent vehicle recalls, visit

Sean ReyesSoftware Malfunction Leads to Lamborghini Recall