Volkswagen recalls vehicles for defective heat shield


Auburn Hills, Mich.—May 23, 2017—Improperly short heat shields in some Volkswagen Passat vehicles could leave some of these autos at risk of fire depending on the conditions on the right half shaft. The recall effort, is known as #17V309000 and includes 84,262 vehicles in the U.S. as well, as the official NHTSA report said.

The Defect

Normally, the heat shield in these affected vehicles would keep the right half-shaft grease boot cool and safe from possible flammability. Without the proper covering, grease could leak onto one of multiple possible heat sources and increase the risk of a fire starting. The report mentioned that the upper boost hoses in these vehicles could fail as well, triggering “a flashing glow plug light.”

Timeline of Events

  • April 11, 2011- July 25, 2014: These were the original production dates for the affected range of vehicles.
  • July 2016-Feb. 2017: The analysis of the problem began and continued during this time, eventually leading to the ultimate decision on whether or not the matter involved a defect.
  • May 2017: The recall announcement appeared after the manufacturer’s Product Safety Committee confirmed the defect. The date of the NHTSA Part 573 Safety Recall Report was May 11, eight days after Volkswagen examined the issue itself.

The Resolution

The official recall dates for owners and dealers is currently scheduled for sometime in July, the report said. At this time, the vehicle dealers will replace both the heat shield and possibly the boost hose if necessary.

The replacement boost hose, in particular, dates back to a part introduced in 2012, and the hose has a strengthened middle layer. July 14, 2012, was the listed date when the new boost hose was introduced. All models in that range beforehand were reportedly at higher risk, though the report said that 100 percent of the recalled population is estimated to have the defect.

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