Chevrolet Suburban Recall To Fix Outside Mirror Issues

Warren, Mich. — Feb. 28, 2017 — Because of problems with exterior mirrors, some Chevrolet Suburban vehicles are going to be part of a non-compliance recall action, according to documents filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

A possible safety issue with these mirrors led to concern over noncompliance with the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, specifically No. 111, which concerns “rear visibility.” This standard calls for outside mirrors to provide a “view of a level road surface” for the driver.

The Defect

The glass in these mirrors was the source of the issue: Instead of the flat mirror needed for these vehicles, the affected units reportedly came with right-side convex mirrors, possibly distorting drivers’ views while in motion. The recall order included 214 Chevrolet Suburban heavy-duty vehicles with the 2016 and 2017 model years fitted with mirrors from the Michigan-based supplier Magna Mirrors of America.

Timeline of Events

  • June 15 to Nov. 10, 2016: The affected Suburban vehicles go through the production process.
  • November 2016: After a line operator notices an incorrect mirror label, General Motors Co. issues an order to stop work on the affected models.
  • December  2016: The manufacturer’s Open Investigation Review team considers the matter as investigations reveal the glass issue and possible FMVSS violation.
  • January 2017: GM officially launches the noncompliance recall through its Safety and Field Action Decision Authority. The Manufacturer’s Report Date is listed as Jan. 12.  

The Resolution

The Part 573 Safety Recall Report said that dealers would replace the previous mirrors with compliant ones, based on FMVSS 111. The glass would be both flat and non-magnifying so as to match the weight-based vehicle requirements and provide an accurate view for drivers.

The safety bulletin related to the recall said that the repair would simply involve two units of the same mirror, and that it would come from GM Customer Care and Aftersales for this necessary replacement supply only, not shelf stock.

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