Stellantis recalls Ram trucks that may catch fire

Auburn Hills, MI – April 26, 2022  – Chrysler has remedied issues with 12,919 vehicles including the 2021 RAM 2500 that was dealing with electrical issues caused by a short on a relay. Additionally, 193 of these models have been categorized as unreachable and 24 have been removed from the recall. All these 2021 Ram 2500 models with these electrical issues were remedied in three groups during 2021.

Auburn Hills, MI – April 8, 2021 – Stellantis (NYSE:STLA), which owns the Dodge brand, is recalling 19,214 vehicles with a faulty relay, or a switch, inside the engine compartment that may cause fire. This recall includes the following Ram pickup trucks :

  • 2021 Ram 2500
  • 2021 Ram 3500 
  • 2021 Ram 4500 
  • 2021 Ram 5500

Recall summary  

The recalled cars are equipped with Cummings 6.7L diesel engines that have an electric heater that warms up the air coming into the engine and helps it reach running temperatures faster. The operation of this heater is controlled by a so-called solid state relay, which is an electric switch that turns electrical power on and off. This switch may be defective and can short circuit, which may lead to fire in the engine compartment.  This may occur regardless of whether the ignition is on or off.

The defect is caused by a supplier error.


A fire can be a serious safety concern if it happens while driving. Potential hazards range from failure to stop and evacuate the vehicle in time to increased risks of collision. In addition, a burning vehicle on the road is a threat to other drivers and their passengers. 

Safety tips

Chrysler does not explicitly say this, but in the case of other recent recalls because of an increased fire risk, manufacturers like Hyundai have recommended to park recalled vehicles outside and away from structures, such as houses and garages.

For tips on what to do if your vehicle catches fire, please read this article about a Hyundai recall.

Other Chrysler recalls

In November, over 19,000 Ram 1500 and Ram 2500 pickup trucks were part of a recall due to the driver-side mirror issue, where the mirror glass detached from the backing plate and no longer showed a reflection of what was behind.

The repair

To fix the issue, dealers will install a protective barrier around the relay. If it short-circuits, the barrier will act as a thermoresistant capsule, which will contain the spread of heat and prevent the fire. The repairs are free of charge. The recall begins on April 30.

Is your vehicle part of this recall?

This Ram recall includes over 19,000 pickups. To see if your Ram is one of them, use MotorSafety’s free vehicle lookup tool.

Bojan PopicStellantis recalls Ram trucks that may catch fire

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