Ford recalls Lincoln Aviators over faulty backup camera display

Dearborn, MI – April 9, 2021 – Ford  (NYSE:F) – which owns the Lincoln brand – has recalled 34,952 luxury SUVs  whose backup camera displays may stop working. The recall includes the 2020 Lincoln Aviator and the 2021 Lincoln Aviator.

The affected part is called the “Image Processing Module – B” and has multiple part numbers, including  LC5T-19H423-AF and LC5T-19H423-AG.

Recall summary  

The image processing module helps process everything the backup camera is “seeing” behind the car, displaying it on the screen up front. Due to a software issue in the recalled Aviators, the module might fail to transmit the video feed to the car’s display screen.

As a result, the driver may see a “blank” or “distorted” image.


A rearview camera that fails to display what is behind the car reduces the driver’s rear visibility, increasing the risk of a crash.

All cars built after mid-2018 are required to have functioning backup  cameras.  Read more about backup camera safety in this article about malfunctioning cameras in Nissan cars.

Other Ford backup camera recalls

In September, Ford recalled over 600,000 vehicles for a similar issue, as reported. The recall included Lincoln Nautilus crossovers and Lincoln Corsair compact SUVs.

The repair

Ford and Lincoln dealers will update the image processing module’s software for free. Ford will send owners notification letters with more information about when and how to get the repair starting May 19.  

Is your vehicle part of this recall?

Nearly 35,000 vehicles are included in this Lincoln recall. To perform a Ford recall check, use MotorSafety’s free vehicle lookup tool.

Rebecca RandFord recalls Lincoln Aviators over faulty backup camera display

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