Ford recalls Econoline vans for burning hot engine covers

Dearborn, MI – January 20, 2021– Ford (NYSE:F) has recalled 29,344 full-size Econoline trucks and vans whose engine covers may get too hot and burn people sitting in the front seat. This Ford truck and van recall includes the 2021 Ford E-350 and E-450 models and concerns the Engine Cover (Dog House), part number F8UZ-1510312-BAA.

Recall summary  

Engine covers of the recalled vehicles sit between the front two seats and act as a center console. Due to design error, the vehicles were manufactured with ill-fitting insulation on the cover which does not extend all the way to the edges, allowing them to get very hot.  

Other Ford recalls

This is the third recall to affect these 2021 Ford trucks and vans. Read about prior Ford recalls, in February 2020 for inadequate amounts of axle lubricant and in March 2020 for wire harnesses that become damaged from chafing against the vehicle’s frame.


Drivers and front-seat passengers of these vans could burn themselves on the wall against the hot engine cover. Before that happens, they could notice the temperature of the edges of the engine cover – located near their feet – “gradually increase,” according to the recall notice.

Ford says it is not aware of any accidents or injuries caused by this issue to date.

The repair

Ford will notify owners about the recall between February 8 and 12, 2021. Dealers will inspect the engine cover for gaps between the rubber seal of the engine cover and the insulation, and will provide patches as needed. In some cases, they will also provide a powertrain calibration update to make sure the engine does not get too hot.

Is your vehicle part of this recall?

Nearly 30,000 vehicles are included in this E-350 Ford recall. To see if your car is one of them, use MotorSafety’s free vehicle lookup tool.

Rebecca RandFord recalls Econoline vans for burning hot engine covers

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