Ford recalls Maverick pickups over fire risk

Dearborn, MI – January 5, 2022 – Ford (NYSE:F) has recalled 5,456 2022 Ford Maverick pickup trucks due to a fuel leak, which may increase the risk of fire. This augments the risk of crash and injury to the car occupants and other motorists.

Recall summary

The recalled vehicles had been outfitted with spray-in bedliner – whose non-slip texture ensures that the cargo carried in the bed of the truck does not move around and also protects the vehicle from water and moisture damage. During the installation of the liner, the supplier responsible for putting it in cleared “bed drain holes with a drill.” The drill may have come in contact with the tank, potentially damaging it and prompting this recall.

Recall risks

Damage to the fuel tank could result in a fuel leak, subsequently increasing the risk of a fire. Fire creates a great danger for the lives of the car occupants and those around them. For tips on what to do if your truck catches fire, please visit the following article.

Warning signs

Some of the tell-tale signs of damage to the fuel tank of the Ford Maverick 2022 include noticeable fuel leak on the ground or the unusual smell of fuel from the vehicle. Additionally, those inside the vehicle should see the malfunction indicator light (MIL) being illuminated, signifying an issue that needs to be addressed.

Other Ford and Lincoln recalls

This is not the first fire-related recall that Ford has issued this year. In August 2021, Ford recalled 33,298 Lincoln Aviator SUVs due to a wiring issue that could lead to an electrical fire. While the 2022 Ford Maverick fuel leak recall is due to a supplier error,  the Lincoln Aviator SUVs recall was attributed to a design error. In both cases, car owners were alerted of an increased risk of a fire.

Separately, the 2022 Maverick is subject to another recent recall due to faulty seat belts.


To remedy the issue, Ford and Lincoln dealers will inspect the fuel tank for any possible damage. In cases where damage to the surface is identified, the dealer will replace the fuel tank at no cost to the car owner. Car owners should expect to receive notification letters regarding the Ford recall check from January 28, 2022 until February 4, 2022. 

Is your vehicle part of this recall?

More than 5,000 Ford Maverick 2022 vehicles are potentially defective and included in this recall. To see if your car is one of them, use MotorSafety’s free vehicle lookup tool.

Sergio StephanoFord recalls Maverick pickups over fire risk

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