Ford recalls pickup trucks that may stall or roll away

Dearborn, MI – December 17, 2022 – Ford (NYSE:F) is recalling 18,808 vehicles that may lose power or roll away because of a fractured driveshaft. The latter is a component that transfers engine power to the wheels to propel the vehicle forward.

This increases the risk of a crash. 

The recall includes the following vehicles:

  • 2017 – 2018 F-250 Super Duty
  • 2017 – 2018 F-350 Super Duty
  • 2017 – 2018 F-450 Super Duty

Recall summary

Radial dampers are circular mechanisms that are used to limit uncontrolled movement inside the driveshaft.

In the subject vehicles, the dumbbell-shaped radial damper may move out of position due to the rubber covering becoming deformed over time. This could eventually lead to the fracture of the driveshaft.

Recall risks

The defect can result in a loss of drive power. A vehicle rollaway is also possible if the parking brake is not engaged when the vehicle is parked. These Ford driveshaft issues increase the risk of a crash.

Warning signs

Tell-tale signs related to this Ford F-Series issue include “noise, vibration, or harshness (NVH) symptoms observable to a driver.

Other recent Ford recalls

One of the most recent Ford truck recalls over a similar matter was in August, where nearly 60,000 F-150 trucks were recalled for the risk of stall and rollaway.

In early December, Ford issued a recall of more than half a million Escape and Bronco vehicles over fire risk. This was the second recall for the same issue, prompted by more than 50 complaints and more than 40 legal claims.

In November, Bronco vehicles were subjected to another recall. This time, more than 40,000 vehicles were included in the rearview image display fault.

The repair

Dealers will replace the driveshaft at no cost. Owners can expect to be notified about the repair program between January 9, 2023 and January 13, 2023.

Is your vehicle part of this recall?

Nearly 20,000 vehicles are included in this Ford F-series recall. To perform a Ford recall check on your vehicle, use MotorSafety’s free vehicle lookup tool.

Senamile NkosiFord recalls pickup trucks that may stall or roll away

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