Subaru recalls 2020 Legacy and Outback cars for back-up camera glitch

Camden, NJ – December 29,  2020 – Subaru (OTCMKTS: FUJHY) has recalled 7,741 vehicles with a software issue that shuts off the backup camera display. The recall includes the 2020 Subaru Legacy mid-size vehicles and the 2020 Subaru Outback SUVs.

The affected component is the Cockpit Control Module (CCM) with part numbers 86201AN65A and 86271AN60A. The CCM includes the backup camera.

Recall summary  

These 2020 Subaru Outback and Legacy vehicles could lose their backup camera displays while in reverse due to a glitch that causes the computer to reboot every three minutes. 

The problem originated during a remote software update Subaru streamed to vehicles in August.  The installation process timed out and the data that was being transmitted was not transferred to the recalled vehicles. As a result, the CCM may repeatedly reboot, disabling the camera display for six seconds. 


No accidents or injuries relating to this issue have been reported, but, if rear view cameras are not functioning properly, there is a risk that drivers could run over or crash into people and objects behind them. 

To read about the Cameron Gulbransen Safety Act, which made backup cameras standard on all vehicles starting in 2018, and back-up crashes statistics,  please head to an article about a recent Ford recall due to the same issue.

The repair

Subaru dealers will reprogram vehicles affected by the recall. If a car’s backup camera display is not working, the dealer will replace the CCM with a new one. Owners will be notified by mail starting January 22.

Is your vehicle part of this recall?

Over 7,700 vehicles are included in this 2020 Subaru recall. To see if your car is one of them, use MotorSafety’s free vehicle lookup tool.

Rebecca RandSubaru recalls 2020 Legacy and Outback cars for back-up camera glitch

2020 Legacy and Outback Vehicles Recalled For Brake Pedal Mounting Bracket

Laguna Hills, CA – Sep. 29, 2019 – Subaru of America has announced the recall of certain 2020 Legacy and Outback vehicles in order to inspect and potentially repair the brake pedal mounting bracket.

The brake pedal mounting bracket in the affected vehicles, most of which were produced in August 2019, may not contain all the bolts required to function properly, or may feature a bolt that was insufficiently tightened. As a result, the mounting area for the brake pedal may deform, which could reduce braking performance and thus increase the risk of a crash.

The Defect

In the Legacy and Outback vehicles involved in the recall, the brake pedal mounting bracket may include an insufficiently tightened or outright missing bolt.

“Over time, if a brake pedal mounting bracket has an insufficiently tightened or missing bolt/nit, the brake pedal mounting area may deform,” stated the safety recall report that Subaru filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to make a formal note of the issue. “Deformation of the brake pedal mounting area could reduce braking performance, increasing the risk of the crash.”

The recall population includes 2,862 Outback vehicles, and 605 Legacy vehicles, according to the same report. Subaru estimates that one percent of those vehicles contain the defect.

Timeline of Events

According to the chronology included in Subaru’s safety recall report, knowledge of the potential for the defect came to light on Aug. 29, 2019, when an associate discovered an insufficiently tightened bolt on a vehicle in the midst of assembly.

“Upon closer review, it was observed that certain hardware located on the brake pedal mounting bracket may have been insufficiently tightened or missing,” according to the report.

An investigation was opened shortly thereafter, and the condition was quickly traced to a defective bolt feeder, which was removed from the assembly line on Sept. 4. Further investigation allowed Subaru to determine that the flagged hardware may have serviced a number of vehicles that were produced between July 30 and Aug. 29.

Subaru decided to conduct the recall on September 11, and informed dealers on September 18.

The Solution

Dealers have been informed of the defect and a stop order has been placed on all vehicles potentially containing it that have not yet sold. All of those vehicles will be inspected – and repaired if necessary – before being made available for sale once again.

Owners of vehicles involved in the recall will be notified by Subaru no later than Oct. 1, according to the report filed by the automaker with the NHTSA. These customers will be instructed to bring their vehicle to an authorized dealer, who will inspect the brake pedal mounting bracket hardware, and then replace the hardware of the brake pedal assembly if necessary.

If you own one of the listed vehicles and have further questions, you may contact Subaru’s customer service line at (844) 373-6614. For information on additional Subaru recalls and other news from the automotive industry, visit

Sean Reyes2020 Legacy and Outback Vehicles Recalled For Brake Pedal Mounting Bracket