Daimler recalls Mercedes-Benz Metris vans over increased fire risk

Sandy Springs, GA – March 17, 2022 – Daimler (OTCMKTS:DMLRY), which owns the Mercedes-Benz brand, has issued a recall for 42,132 vehicles due to a fuel leak, which increases the possibility of a fire.

The recall covers the following vans:

  • 2017  Mercedes-Benz Metris 
  • 2018  Mercedes-Benz Metris 
  • 2019  Mercedes-Benz Metris 
  • 2020  Mercedes-Benz Metris
  • 2021  Mercedes-Benz Metris
  • 2022  Mercedes-Benz Metris 

Recall summary

The upper and lower lines connecting the fuel hose in the engine compartment on the recalled Mercedes-Benz Metris vans are attached incorrectly. This could result in fuel leaking from the vehicle’s underside during operation.    

The components involved in this recall are the fuel hose with part number N000000004158 and the click clamp with part number A0069971890.

Recall risks

Fuel leaking from an incorrectly secured hose can affect the vehicle’s normal operation and efficiency. More importantly, if the fuel leaks near an ignition or heat source within the engine, it could present a potential fire risk and increase the likelihood of bodily injury or property damage.   

Warning signs

The driver may perceive “fuel odor…in the interior compartment” even if the leak is minor.

Other Mercedes-Benz Metris recalls 

This is the fourth Mercedes-Benz Metris recall this year. Earlier this month, the manufacturer issued two recalls, one for a faulty rearview camera and another one for a brake fluid leak, which could result in decreased brake performance, as reported.

In January, Metris vans were among 48,800 vehicles recalled due to the risk of rollaway, also as reported.

The repair

Dealers will inspect the recalled vehicles’ upper and lower fuel hose connections and replace them, as well as hoses, if necessary.

Affected owners will be notified by April 11, 2022, and all repairs will be done free of charge. 

Is your vehicle part of this recall?

More than 42,000 vehicles are included in this Mercedes-Benz Metris fuel leak recall. To see if your vehicle is part of this Mercedes recall,  use MotorSafety’s free vehicle lookup tool.  

Joseph EstabilloDaimler recalls Mercedes-Benz Metris vans over increased fire risk

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