GM recalls Chevrolets over risk of unexpected hood opening

Warren, MI – September 3, 2022 – General Motors (NYSE:GM), which owns the Chevrolet brand, is recalling 120,688 vehicles whose hoods could be opened accidentally while driving, blocking the driver’s view and increasing the risk of a crash. 

The recall supersedes one issued in 2014 for the same issue, comes on the back of multiple crashes, and includes the following models:

  • 2013 – 2015 Chevrolet Spark
  • 2014 – 2015 Chevrolet Spark EV

Recall Summary

The secondary hood latch is a safety measure to prevent the hood from flying open if the main latch is accidentally released while the car is in motion. In the affected cars, the lever of the secondary hood latch “may prematurely corrode at the pivot” due to a supplier fault. This could cause it to not engage as expected.

The components in question are the hood striker assembly, with part numbers 96688513 and 94534170, as well as the hood latch assembly, with part numbers 94534171 and 96966791.

Recall risks

When the secondary hood latch doesn’t engage properly, the vehicle’s hood could open unexpectedly while the car is in motion (for example, if the driver pulls the hood release lever by accident). The hood would block the driver’s view, increasing the risk of a crash and injury.

Background of the recall

The current recall is a replacement of the 2014 recall of the same vehicles; GM discovered that the remedy for the earlier recall failed to solve the problem of corroding hood latches. There has been at 22 crashes because of this issue and at least one injury, according to the manufacturer’s data.

Other recent General Motors recalls

In August, General Motors recalled nearly half a million SUVs over a seatbelt fault caused by a supplier error.

In April, more than 600,000 SUVs were recalled due to defective windshield wipers


To remedy the secondary hood latch issue, dealers will replace the affected parts at no cost to owners. Owners will be notified of the repair program on or around October 10, 2022.   

Is your vehicle part of this recall?

More than 120,000 vehicles are included in this Chevrolet recall. To perform a recall check on your vehicle, use MotorSafety’s free vehicle lookup tool.

Senamile NkosiGM recalls Chevrolets over risk of unexpected hood opening

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