Is your Ford vehicle part of recall?

Dearborn, MI – October 31, 2022 – In 2022, Ford (NYSE:F) has been subject to 57 recalls, affecting 7.5 million vehicles. In addition to the recalls, Ford has faced one lawsuit and three investigations.

Read on to see if your vehicle is affected.


In late July, Ford was sued over 2021 Lincoln Navigator and Expedition SUVs that may catch fire. Owners of the vehicles argued that Ford “either knew or should have known” about the defect relating to more than 66,000 vehicles well before the recall was issued.


The company is subject to three investigations, which could result in additional recalls.

In the beginning of September, the U.S government auto safety regulator – the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) – opened an investigation into brake fluid leaks affecting 2013-2018 Ford Fusion and Lincoln MKZ vehicles. Approximately 1.73 million vehicles could be recalled as a result.

In mid-June, a Ford investigation was launched after a dealer allegedly sold a 2021 Ford Escape compact crossover SUV, which was part of a recall at the time. The sale of a car that is being recalled is illegal.

Prior to that in early June, the regulator launched an investigation into 25,538 2021 Ford Bronco vehicles that may stall. 


Ford fire risk recalls

A total of 708,788 Ford vehicles were recalled due to fire risk.  

In April, 345,451 Escape and Bronco Sport SUVs were recalled because of an engine fault that could lead to a fire. This was prompted by at least 21 warranty claims and reports of fire. 

In early September, 198,482 vehicles were recalled over a faulty motor, indicated by the smell of something burning or smoke emerging from the instrument panel vents.

Other fire-related Ford recalls include one in July affecting 100,689 vehicles, an SUV recall affecting 39,013 vehicles, a truck recall affecting 19,697 vehicles, as well as a Maverick pickup truck recall affecting 5,456 vehicles.

Ford rollaway issues

Several recalls also transpired due to the risk of cars rolling away into the oncoming traffic.

The biggest Ford recall this year was in mid-June. The recall affected 2.9 million vehicles and was prompted by several reports of property damage and injuries caused by the issue

Prior to that in April, 391,836 vehicles had a trailer brakes issue, increasing the stopping distance and potentially causing harm

Ford truck recalls

One of the most recent Ford truck recalls was in August, where 58,203 F-150 trucks had a rollaway and stalling issue. This was attributed to a fracture in the driveshaft, which transfers engine power to the wheels.

In May, Ford F-Series trucks were recalled due to an issue with the transmission, which could lead to the subject vehicles rolling away when parked. This recall affected 23,165 heavy duty trucks.

Ford Bronco recalls

In July, 63,294 Ford Bronco and Ranger vehicles were recalled over windshields that could detach. The cause of the issue was yet to be confirmed. 

Another one of this year’s Ford Bronco recalls was in June, where 53,103 vehicles were recalled over faulty child lock concerns

Is your Ford vehicle part of a recall?

This year alone, over 55 Ford recalls have been issued. To do a Ford recall check to see if your vehicle is affected by any of them, use MotorSafety’s free vehicle lookup tool

Senamile NkosiIs your Ford vehicle part of recall?

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