Volkswagen Group of America recalls thousands of Tiguan vehicles

Detroit, MI — June 12, 2015 — Documents on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) website recently explained a new recall from Volkswagen Group of America. This month, the manufacturer is recalling Tiguan SUVs that were produced within the first three months of 2015. As many as 2,957 units have been affected by incorrect information labels that may cause confusion among owners an operators.

According to the source, these vehicles could bear incorrect certifications that list the wrong weight and loading limits information, in addition to omitting important details about tire pressure. In the official recall acknowledgment statement, Jennifer Timian, the Office of Defects Investigations’ chief of Recall Management Division, said that owners could unintentionally overload vehicles that don’t have the correct information listed on them. Although the statement was released on June 9, the manufacturer’s report date is listed as May 15.

In a separate FAQ document about this recall, Volkswagen gave specific instructions to dealers who may have affected cars to take care of.

“Dealers can use their most current OMD Web/VIM report to identify any affected vehicles that may be in their inventory,” this statement reads. “In the interest of customer safety and satisfaction, affected vehicles should be kept in a secure area where they cannot be made available for sale, lease, trade or demo use until this repair has been performed.” The remedy will reportedly include simply changing the information on the certification label so it is correct. Dealers will be able to do this for free.

Verified recall information will give consumers and dealers the assurance that the information is accurate. The statements have to be disseminated to all the right people in each situation, so even the most minor faults are corrected on time and affected vehicles aren’t sold illegally.

Recall MastersVolkswagen Group of America recalls thousands of Tiguan vehicles