Chrysler recalls sports cars with defective oil cooler lines


Auburn Hills, Mich. – Aug. 24, 2017 – Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has recalled more than 1,200 sports cars with defective oil cooler lines, according to documentation filed with the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration. The campaign affects 2017 Dodge Charger and Challenger sports cars equipped with eight-cylinder Hellcat performance engines. FCA suspects 10 percent of the total number of vehicles referenced in the recall contain the defective parts.

The Defect

The models involved in this recall are equipped with engines whose engine oil cooler lines are not properly joined. Specifically, on the section of the EOC lines where chlorinated polyethylene hose meets aluminum tubing, the joints are not suitably crimped. This can lead to line separation and engine oil spillage, resulting in engine seizure and the risk of fire. Additionally, drivers may lose visibility due to oil spray covering the windshield. All of these outcomes pose serious safety hazards to drivers and increase the risk of an accident. However, FCA has not received any reports connecting the defect to any accidents or injuries thus far.

Timeline of Events

On May 13, 2017, engineers at the FCA assembly plant in Ontario, Canada, initiated a product recall after receiving three warranty claims mentioning EOC line separation, according to a chronology document submitted to the NHTSA. The FCA Vehicle Safety and Regulatory Compliance division immediately launched an investigation to better understand the consequences of the issue. On May 15, the parts supplier, Hutchings Automotive Products, performed production tests to determine if increasing the adhesive temperature during assembly would improve the structural integrity of the EOC line connections. These trials failed. Fifteen days later, FCA tested EOC line joints from aftermarket Mopar stock. These fixtures showed no signs of failure.

Over the week of June 12, FCA conducted more in-house tests to pinpoint the root cause of the EOC line separation. More than two weeks later, dealers in the U.S. market inspected approximately 50 vehicles to determine if they were equipped with the defective parts and needed repair.

On July 12, Hutchinson sent FCA results from an internal evaluation of the EOC hose material. The parts provider concluded that the material used to make the defective lines was out of specification. Two days later, FCA US Master Black Belt performed a parallel materials test and determined with 95 percent certainty that Hutchinson engineers were correct in their examination of the hose material.

With this information in hand, the FCA Vehicle Regulations Committee called for an official voluntary safety recall Aug. 1. As of that date, the car manufacturer had received a total of eight customer assistance and information requests, zero vehicle owner’s questionnaires and zero field reports related to the defective EOC line.

The Solution

FCA will direct dealers to replace the EOC lines in affected vehicles free of charge, according to a recall acknowledgment document sent to the NHTSA. The automaker plans to notify both owners and dealers on or around Sept. 22. However, owners in need of more immediate assistance can contact Chrysler customer service personnel at (800) 853-1403 or call the NHTSA Vehicle Safety Hotline at (888) 327-4236.

Sean ReyesChrysler recalls sports cars with defective oil cooler lines

Chrysler recalls vehicles with damaged alternator diodes


Auburn Hills, Mich. – July 14, 2017 – Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has recalled an estimated 442,214 vehicles potentially equipped with damaged alternator diodes, according to a company press release. The campaign affects a variety of models across multiple brands, including:

  • 2011-2014 Chrysler 300 sedans
  • 2011-2014 Two-door Dodge Challenger sports cars
  • 2011-2014 Four-door Dodge Charger sports cars
  • 2011-2014 Dodge Durango sport utility vehicles
  • 2012-2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee sport utility vehicles

Approximately 318, 781 of the vehicles originated from U.S. dealers, while 37,504 are circulating the Canadian and Mexican markets. The remaining 85, 292 are outside of the North American Free Trade Agreement zone. FCA estimates 100 percent of the vehicles named in the recall contain the defective part, according to documentation filed with the National Highway Transportation Administration.

The Defect

Vehicles named in the recall are suspected to contain alternators with diodes susceptible to thermal fatigue failure stemming from overstressed electric hydraulic power steering systems. In the event of a diode failure, the alternator ceases supplying the engine with electricity, leading to the unexpected loss of multiple features, including the antilock braking system, the electronic stability control system and the engine control module. In some cases, the vehicle my cease operation entirely. The diodes can also short circuit and cause fire, heat and smoke to rise from the engine.

FCA has received reports of two accidents related to the faulty diodes. However, the car company has yet to receive notification of any injuries connected to the defect.

Timeline of Events

FCA has not released details into the internal investigation that uncovered the problem. The company is expected to notify dealers on or around Aug. 24.

The Solution

FCA will direct dealers to replace the alternators in affected vehicles, free of charge, according to a recall acknowledgement document filed with the NHTSA. Owners should expect to receive notification via first-class mail on or around Aug. 24. However, those in need of more immediate assistance can contact the FCA U.S. Customer Care Center at (800) 853-1403 or the NHTSA Vehicle Safety Hotline at (888) 327-4236.

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Chrysler recalls hybrid minivans with defective batteries


Auburn Hills, Mich. – June 9, 2017 – Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has recalled more than 1,600 hybrid minivans equipped with defective batteries, according to a company press release. The campaign affects 2017 Chrysler Pacific minivans, roughly 1,300 of which originated from American showrooms. The remaining vehicles were sold on the Canadian market. The car manufacturer is unsure how many of the models named in the recall contain the defective battery.

The Defect
Affected vehicles may include hybrid batteries with improperly functioning control module diodes. These fixtures, which manage the flow of electrical current between the battery and dependent parts, are prone to involuntary shutoff. If this occurs, the vehicle loses propulsion and ceases to operate. This possess a risk to owners, as such a stoppage could result in an accident. However, the automaker has found no accidents or injuries related to the faulty battery diode as yet. Should propulsion suddenly halt due to the defect, drivers will be able to continue their forward momentum and pull over, Road Show by CNET reported.

Timeline of Events
FCA discovered the defect after receiving reports from customers who experienced propulsion loss while driving. Engineers with the car maker investigated the issue and eventually found that defective diodes were to blame.

The Solution
The automaker has requested dealers replace the control modules in affected vehicles with models equipped with working diodes, free of charge. However, FCA is still working on developing a workable alternative, meaning owners will have to wait some time for service. Those in need of immediate assistance can contact the FCA Customer Care Center at (800) 853-1403. They can also call the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration’s Vehicle Safety Hotline at (888) 327-4236.

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Chrysler Recalls 300 and Charge Models Over Loose Bolts

Auburn Hills, Mich. – Feb. 16, 2017 – Chrysler has recalled more than 69,000 vehicles due to loose driveshaft bolts. The recall affects Chrysler 300 and Dodge Charger all-wheel-drive sedans produced between 2014 and 2017, according to documentation from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The Defect

The affected all-wheel-drive models feature abnormally loose driveshaft bolts. These fixtures can slacken to such an extent that the driveshaft disconnects completely and the vehicle loses power. This poses a serious hazard to drivers and can result in injury. There have been no reports of related injuries, according to the car manufacturer.

Timeline of Events

  • In January 2016, police departments across the country reported loose driveshaft bolts in interceptor versions of the Dodge Charger. Chrysler investigated the claim, and one month later evaluated fabrication procedures at its assembly plant in Brampton, Ontario.
  • On March 2, 2016, Chrysler launched an additional investigation into consumer models with the same driveshaft assembly. This included all-wheel-drive Dodge Charger and Chrysler 300 models produced between 2014 and 2017.
  • On June 30, 2016, the automaker advised engineers at the Brampton plant to increase the torque on driveshaft bolts to achieve optimal clamp load. Field reports following this change showed no signs of looseness.
  • Between June 2016 and February 2017, Chrysler collected and analyzed vehicle and warranty data to determine the scope of the problem.
  • On Feb. 3, 2017, Chrysler closed its review, identifying 69,298 potentially affected models.
  • On Feb. 7, 2017, the vehicle manufacturer initiated a voluntary recall.

The Solution

Chrysler has directed dealers to replace the driveshaft bolts in affected models free of charge. The recall is scheduled to begin March 31, 2017. Owners should expect to receive notice soon.


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Software Problems Part of New Fiat Chrysler Recall

Auburn Hills, Mich. — August 12, 2016 — Some relatively recent model year FCA vehicles could leave passengers in danger because of a wire harness problem. Autoblog recently featured a press release from the manufacturer of the 323,361 U.S. vehicles involved in the recall. These include the 2014 and 2015 Chrysler 200, Jeep Cherokee and other vehicles.

According to this source, affected vehicles were produced before Sept. 23, 2014. Though the vast majority of these are in the U.S., a total of 43,927 are outside of the NAFTA region, with thousands more in both Canada and Mexico.

The issue itself involves a wire-crimping problem, which could be temporarily fixed if drivers turn their vehicles on and off. The newer versions of these models will benefit from an updated harness manufacturing system.

Crimping a wire can require the right hardware. including a crimp cap or an appropriate crimping tool. The quality of the wire makes a difference, too, as it needs to match the appropriate engine system.

Last year, the 2015 Cherokee was part of multiple Jeep recalls. One of these was in December and involved a possible short circuit in the power liftgate module that may have left drivers at risk of fire. Dealers were instructed to add a water shield in an acknowledgement statement dated for December 17.

Another recent recall with the same make and model was reported in October. That action concerned Jeeps with air conditioning hose issues that could have also left the occupants at risk of fire. The solution involved replacing the hose after inspection to keep it from contacting the exhaust manifold.

MotorSafety.orgSoftware Problems Part of New Fiat Chrysler Recall

New Chrysler Vehicles Part of Seat Belt Related Recall [Video]

Chrysler has a new recall on its hands for some recently produced vehicles. More than thirty-five hundred twenty seventeen Pacifica autos may feature fragile seat belt parts.

Official documents stated that some of the stow clips could break in affected models. If so, the occupants would not be able to use the seat belt as intended. The recalled vehicles were made between February and April twenty sixteen.

The broken stow clips were first discovered earlier this year as part of a March twenty-sixth inspection at the FCA Windsor Assembly Plant. The manufacturer itself did not launch a recall until June twenty-first.

Learn more about the latest Fiat Chrysler recalls by reading our blog, and thanks for watching!

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FCA Recalls Wide Model Year Range of Dodge Journey Vehicles

Auburn Hills, Mich. — June 10, 2016 — A new recall from FCA concerns vehicles from a span of five different model years. As an official press release recently noted, most of the 187,436 recalled vehicles are in Canada, possibly because the action involves a condition made worse in cold temperatures.

Though this issue is not known to have caused any injuries, the source stated that drivers could face steering difficulties in affected autos. When the engine is turned on, some steering fluid could leak out, possibly disrupting the vehicle. The statement specifically noted that the problem exists when the auto is in extreme cold, putting owners in those climates at greater risk.

In the United States, the recall will affect 10,944 vehicles. The statement did not explain what the remedy would entail or when dealers and customers will be notified. It did say that the necessary replacement units “are expected to be available soon.” Impacted model years range form 2009 to 2016.

A different recall from January affected both 2009 Dodge Journey autos and two other models, Dodge Caravan and Chrysler Town and Country vehicles, both of which are from the 2008 and 2009 model years.

This action addressed occupant restraint controller functions that could interfere with the standard air bag control system. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said the issue could either lead to unexpected air bag deployment or prevent air bags from inflating when they need to after a collision. Like the Chrysler headquarters, the component’s supplier, Continental Automotive Systems Inc., is based in Auburn Hills, Michigan.

The official Part 573 Safety Recall Report for that issue also advised that a lit warning lamp could indicate a possible ORC malfunction. A later amendment to this report said that final owner notification isn’t scheduled until the end of this year, and that remedy parts are estimated for 2017.

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Shifting Concerns Prompt Worldwide Dodge Charger Recall

Auburn Hills, MI — May 17, 2016 — An issue in many Fiat Chrysler autos has led to a wide-ranging recall concerning vehicle transmission systems. Drivers in these affected vehicles may put themselves at risk if they don’t fully understand what gear is currently engaged

Although there are already alerts in these cars that should signal that a vehicle is parked, the company reports that this isn’t always enough. As a result, at least 41 injuries may be traced to this issue, though a press statement insists that it is not due to any equipment failure.

The source lists three models included in the Chrysler Recalls: Dodge Charger, Chrysler 300 and Jeep Grand Cherokee. Model years range from 2012 to 2015, and the majority of the units (811,586) are in the United States. The manufacturer is making efforts to contact affected owners as needed while the recall continues. The new shift strategy will keep the vehicles from moving unexpectedly, further protecting users who don’t understand the initial suggestions.

Currently, these vehicles feature electronic indicators, including lights, to let drivers know if their vehicles are currently in park. To avoid confusion, the adjusted cars will include an automatic stop in case drivers don’t realize their car is able to start rolling away. The gear shift lever is not a reliable signal of which gear the car is using, the source stated.

The 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee was also subject to a recall. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s statement from March 22 said that 14,768 units may contain front left brake calipers that might break. This issue was a significant risk because it could prevent drivers from stopping their vehicles early enough and leave them vulnerable to a collision.

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Some Chrysler Windshields Could Dislodge in Crash [Video]

Detroit, MI — March 07, 2016 — Starting next month, a Chrysler recall will affect hundreds of vehicles manufactured with expired urethane primer. This chemical may make it more likely for the windshields in these vehicles to dislodge.

This action comes from tests that revealed the possible effects of using primer past its expiration date. Older coats of primer were found to ineffectively bond on the windshield. There have currently been no reports of injuries from this problem, though the dislocated windshields could potentially hurt a vehicle’s occupants.

The recall extends to two models: the Town and Country and the Dodge Grand Caravan. Manufacture dates range from August 2014 to December 2015. Dealers will remedy the issue by replacing the windshields as needed

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New Fiat Chrysler recall affects more than 85,000 vehicles

Detroit, Michigan — September 18, 2015 — Fiat Chrysler Automobiles may be facing more than $100 million in fines from the government, but that hasn’t stopped newer issues from being discovered and further recalls from being issued. According to the Associated Press, the manufacturer has begun a new campaign targeting Chrysler 200 vehicles with the model year 2015 and is beginning to notify customers.

This recall was launched after discovery of a problem with damaged electrical connectors. A statement from a company included on Autoblog describes the effects of the fault, which could force a vehicle to stall unexpectedly. The connectors were reportedly damaged by the supplier but have not been linked to any accidents yet, although it could theoretically pose a danger to drivers.

Of the 85,816 sedans recalled as part of this campaign, 77,834 are from the United States. Comparatively, 7,115 are in Canada, 848 in Mexico and 19 outside of North America. Despite the possible risk posed by this fault, the company said that air-bag function, a major subject of recent recalls, is not affected by this issue.

The specific remedy was not listed, but the company did say that service for those affected by this action will be performed free of charge on the later date. Owners can also look for dashboard warning lights as a possible sign of the problem, although this isn’t a guarantee that the issue is present.

Owners are also encouraged to contact Fiat Chrysler directly through its Customer Care line. The announcement comes as other manufacturers have issued warnings for electrical problems that may affect airbag deployment or effectiveness.

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