Some Chrysler Windshields Could Dislodge in Crash [Video]

Detroit, MI — March 07, 2016 — Starting next month, a Chrysler recall will affect hundreds of vehicles manufactured with expired urethane primer. This chemical may make it more likely for the windshields in these vehicles to dislodge.

This action comes from tests that revealed the possible effects of using primer past its expiration date. Older coats of primer were found to ineffectively bond on the windshield. There have currently been no reports of injuries from this problem, though the dislocated windshields could potentially hurt a vehicle’s occupants.

The recall extends to two models: the Town and Country and the Dodge Grand Caravan. Manufacture dates range from August 2014 to December 2015. Dealers will remedy the issue by replacing the windshields as needed

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adminSome Chrysler Windshields Could Dislodge in Crash [Video]

New Fiat Chrysler recall affects more than 85,000 vehicles

Detroit, Michigan — September 18, 2015 — Fiat Chrysler Automobiles may be facing more than $100 million in fines from the government, but that hasn’t stopped newer issues from being discovered and further recalls from being issued. According to the Associated Press, the manufacturer has begun a new campaign targeting Chrysler 200 vehicles with the model year 2015 and is beginning to notify customers.

This recall was launched after discovery of a problem with damaged electrical connectors. A statement from a company included on Autoblog describes the effects of the fault, which could force a vehicle to stall unexpectedly. The connectors were reportedly damaged by the supplier but have not been linked to any accidents yet, although it could theoretically pose a danger to drivers.

Of the 85,816 sedans recalled as part of this campaign, 77,834 are from the United States. Comparatively, 7,115 are in Canada, 848 in Mexico and 19 outside of North America. Despite the possible risk posed by this fault, the company said that air-bag function, a major subject of recent recalls, is not affected by this issue.

The specific remedy was not listed, but the company did say that service for those affected by this action will be performed free of charge on the later date. Owners can also look for dashboard warning lights as a possible sign of the problem, although this isn’t a guarantee that the issue is present.

Owners are also encouraged to contact Fiat Chrysler directly through its Customer Care line. The announcement comes as other manufacturers have issued warnings for electrical problems that may affect airbag deployment or effectiveness.

adminNew Fiat Chrysler recall affects more than 85,000 vehicles

More than 1 million Chrysler vehicles recalled for hacking concern

Detroit, MI — July 26, 2015 — Vehicle recalls can occur not just because of faulty components, but out of fears for outside attacks on vulnerable systems. According to the Detroit Free Press, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles’ (FCA) latest recall addresses cybersecurity issues within affected vehicles that could have massively damaging consequences for owners. Dodge Ram, Jeep Grand Cherokee and other vehicles from model years 2013 to 2015 reportedly have potentially dangerous software flaws in their “radios.”

While most of the recalls this blog has covered concern internal problems with defective autos, this issue is a concern because of the way it could potentially be exploited by hackers. The official recall acknowledgement from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) states that outsiders could gain “unauthorized remote modification” of vehicle systems through these vulnerabilities.

As alarming as that may sound, there are some factors that mitigate the potential danger somewhat. For one, the manufacturer has already taken steps to prevent outsiders from accessing the vehicle, leading to real risk for only 3 percent of mobile hot spot subscribers.

The recall safety report issued for this action also emphasizes the unlikelihood that an exploit might take place, given how much knowledge is needed to put one into action. The remedy for this problem is a software update that can be downloaded to a USB drive.

“Some 2013-2015 MY vehicles equipped with RA3 or RA4 model radios have certain software security vulnerabilities which could allow unauthorized third-party access to some networked vehicle control systems,” the source says. “Exploitation of the software security vulnerabilities required extensive technical knowledge, physical access to a subject vehicle and a long period of time to write applicable code.”

Along with acknowledgment and government action, recalls should be supported through education and informative services that encourage drivers and owners to respond correctly.

Recall MastersMore than 1 million Chrysler vehicles recalled for hacking concern