Ford recalls new Mustangs over shifting issues, fire risk

Dearborn, MI June 14, 2024 – Ford (NYSE:F) is recalling 8,161 2024 Ford Mustang sports cars that may catch fire or have difficulty switching gears. Both conditions up the risk of a crash and injury and in fact, the recall comes on the back of two fires.

Recall summary

The clutch line in these vehicles with manual transmission is responsible for “transmitting hydraulic pressure” and brake fluid between the engine and transmission, allowing the driver to switch gears. 

Due to a supplier error,  the clutch line is not properly attached to the rest of the car. That may result in it contacting “hot exhaust components” and melting, “leaking brake fluid.”

This may cause an inability to change gears and, if the fluid touches any hot components, an engine fire. 

Recall risks

With the driver unable to shift gears, the vehicle may stall.

Separately, a fire increases the risk of injury for the occupants of the car. 

Warning signs

If the escaping brake fluid leaks onto hot engine components, it may generate smoke and a strong burning odor. 

Background of the recall

The recall comes on the back of two fires and a report of underhood smoke. No injuries or crashes have been reported.

Other Ford recalls

Issues concerning brake fluid were the cause of another Mustang recall, which took place in December 2023 and affected nearly 200,000 cars

Earlier this month, close to 9,000 Ford and Lincoln SUVs were recalled over loss of power, as reported.

The repair

Dealers will repair clutch pressure lines free of charge.

The owners should receive notifications on June 17, 2024. 

Is your vehicle a part of this recall?

Over 8,000 muscle cars are affected by this Mustang clutch recall. To do a Ford recall check and see if yours is one of them, please use MotorSafety’s free vehicle lookup tool.

Bojan PopicFord recalls new Mustangs over shifting issues, fire risk

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