Ford issues second recall for Fiesta, Fusion cars whose doors may open while driving 

Dearborn, MI  – December 30, 2023 – Ford (NYSE:F), which owns the Lincoln brand, is recalling 45,173 cars whose doors may open while driving, upping the risk of injury. 

The following models are affected by this recall: 

  • 2015 Ford Fiesta
  • 2016 Ford Fusion
  • 2016 Lincoln MKZ

This is an expansion of a previous recall over the same defect, which dates back to 2020.  Only vehicles sold in states with “high ambient temperatures” are affected.

Recall summary  

The doors in a car stay shut due to a latching mechanism. Due to a supplier error, this mechanism may partially or completely break apart in the listed vehicles, causing the doors not to close securely or open while driving. 

The full list of the affected states is available here.

Recall risks

An unsecured door may open while driving, augmenting the risk of injury.

Warning signs

The driver or passengers may notice that the doors “bounce off” instead of closing, and it may take several attempts to shut them properly. They may also see the “Door ajar” warning on the dashboard and perceive “increased wind noise.”

Background of the recall

The first recall for the issue was done in March 2020. At that time, the manufacturer believed that only vehicles produced from November 2013 to late April 2015 had the faulty part. However, that turned out to be incorrect, which prompted Ford to issue the present recall.

The recall comes on the back of multiple owner complaints and warranty claims. No injuries or accidents have been reported.

Other Ford recalls

Some of these cars may have been affected by a recall from March 2023, which was caused by leaking front brakes

Door latch issues were also the cause of a recent Ford Transit Connect recall, which took place in August 2023, as reported.  

The repair

Dealers will check the door latches and replace them free of charge.

Owners should receive letters with more information between December 4, 2023 and December 8, 2023. 

Is your vehicle a part of this recall?

More than 40,000 cars are affected by this door latch Ford recall. To do a Ford recall check and see if yours is one of them, please use MotorSafety’s free vehicle lookup tool.

Bojan PopicFord issues second recall for Fiesta, Fusion cars whose doors may open while driving 

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