Ford issues third round of Explorer, Lincoln recalls over faulty rearview cameras

Dearborn, MI – June 3, 2023 – Ford (NYSE:F), which owns the Lincoln brand, is recalling 422,201 SUVs with rearview cameras that may fail, resulting in an increased risk of an accident.

This recall comes on the back of a “minor crash” and is the third one of its kind since 2021.

The following models are affected:

  • 2020 – 2023 Ford Explorer
  • 2020 – 2023 Lincoln Navigator
  • 2020 – 2022 Lincoln Corsair

Recall summary

Owners of the affected vehicles may experience loss of video feed when either going in Reverse or when the 360-degree camera view is selected and the vehicle is being driven at a low speed. 

Recall risks

For more on risks of this recall, please see this recent article about a similar issue by Honda.  

Background of the recall

Ford originally recalled some of the affected vehicles in 2021. That recall had to be expanded in February of this year as the original remedy proved to be insufficient, as reported.

Following the second recall, the manufacturer received 250 warranty claims alleging loss of the video feed in cars that previously received repairs. The defect resulted in at least one minor accident.

Other Ford recalls

In July 2022, a lawsuit was filed against Ford involving the 2021 Ford Expedition and 2021 Lincoln Navigator, alleging that the two models presented an increased risk of fire while being driven or when parked and switched off. 

The Lincoln Navigator and Corsair were also the subjects of a Ford recall announced in January 2023 because of an issue with the seatbelt chime, as reported.

The repair

The remedy for the issue is being developed and will be available free of charge once ready. Ford will also reimburse owners who paid for their own repairs before the recall was issued. 

Owners of the affected vehicles will receive letters with more information by June 30, 2023.  

Is your vehicle part of this recall?

More than 420,000 vehicles are affected by this Ford and Lincoln rearview camera issue. To run a Ford recall check or check for more Ford and Lincoln recalls,  please use MotorSafety’s free vehicle lookup tool.

Joseph EstabilloFord issues third round of Explorer, Lincoln recalls over faulty rearview cameras

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