Ford recalls F-350 trucks for incorrect tire and payload information

Dearborn, MI – April 14, 2022 – Ford (NYSE:F) has remedied issues with 2,489 2020 Ford F350 Super Duty vehicles with incorrect Tire and Loading labels. Additionally, 205 of these vehicles were categorized as unreachable and 0 were removed from the recall. All these incorrectly labeled 2020 Ford F350 Super Duty were remedied in one group during 2021.

Dearborn, MI – March 5, 2021 – Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) has recalled 9,979 Ford F350 trucks, due to incorrect information on labels in the vehicles, which may increase the risk of a crash. The recall includes 2020 Ford F350 Super Duty trucks.

Recall summary  

In recalled vehicles, the following information may be incorrect:

  • Tire and Loading Information (TREAD) Label: The Ford F350 payload capacity is the maximum amount of weight the driver can safely add to the truck as cargo. The payload capacity value may be overstated.
  • Accessory Reserve Capacity (ARC) values: This value estimates the total weight of accessories and equipment that can be added to the truck. The value on the Safety Certification label may be overstated.
  • Truck Camper Loading documentation: This data explains how a camper can be added to the truck, including the maximum weight allowed. The weight values may be overstated.

Other Ford recalls

These same trucks – as well as the Ford F250 Super Duty 2020 model – are among the vehicles subject to a recall for a poorly attached windshield, as reported. The issue makes the windshield more likely to crack or break altogether, exposing the car occupants to road debris and broken glass. 

At the same time, 2019 F-250 and F-350 were among Ford recalls in 2020 because of faulty front axles, as reported. The axles – that transmit the power from the body of the car to its wheels – were built using “non-conforming” parts, as reported.


If the driver loads the vehicle based on the incorrect Ford F350 payload value on the TREAD label, the truck’s suspension will be overloaded and the vehicle will require increased stopping distance. 

When tires are loaded above rated capacity, they are more likely to wear unevenly. Finally, if the camper is overloaded, driving the truck may be unsafe.

Each of these issues increases the risk of an accident.

The repair

To fix the issue, dealers will replace the TREAD and Safety Certification labels, as well as the Truck Camper Loading document, as needed.  The repair is free of charge. The recall is expected to begin March 22, 2021. 

Is your vehicle part of this recall?

Over 9,900 vehicles are included in this Ford recall 2020. To see if your car is one of them, use MotorSafety’s free vehicle lookup tool.

Ken BoydFord recalls F-350 trucks for incorrect tire and payload information

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